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Leader in the audiovisual and post-production sector


The CDC Sefit Group works and collaborates with a vast range of actors, established Italian dubbing directors and assistants, and with the best professional translators and adapters in the sector. All supported by a great experience in the sector and a deep and careful technical knowledge.

— Translation;
— Adaptation;
— Direction and casting;
— Registration.


The CDC Sefit Group mix rooms have consoles and machinery of the highest technical level, are constantly updated to ensure maximum IT security and maximum audio quality. Our engineers are among the most experienced in the industry and award-winning throughout their careers.

— Mix 5.1 , 7.1, Dolby Atmos;
— 4K Video Projecton.

Audio Laboratory

The audio laboratory of the CDC Sefit Group is one of the most important departments of the company, where all the materials are managed, secured, and distributed to the insiders for the beginning of the work. At the end of processing, the materials return to the audio laboratory to be prepared in line with current standards and passed to the transfer department for delivery to our customers.

— QC of incoming materials;
— Transfer;
— ProTools session preparation;
— Dolby E encoding;
— Loudness;
— Audio conversions all formats;
— QC of outgoing materials;
— Server SPACE 64Tb raid 10.

Video Laboratory

The Video Laboratory of the CDC Sefit Group is an integral part of the workflow and allows the company to also satisfy requests for graphic localization and video editing.

— QC of incoming materials (VidChecker);
— Titles and subtitles in all formats;
— NTSC / PAL conversions;
— WorkStation Final Cut, Premiere, Da Vinci Resolve;
— Server Raid 10;
— Master for broadcasting;
— 4K video;
— MXF files.

Content Delivery

The delivery of materials is one of the most delicate parts of our workflow, the department has the latest technologies and is constantly updated to ensure maximum security against piracy and news leaks.

— Receipt and delivery of materials via telematics Symmetrical Line 450Mb/s guaranteed;
— MPAA Compliant;
— Respect for delivery times.

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